College research papers are pieces of writing required from students to express their personal ideas, based on the analysis of researched information and level of gained knowledge. This may sound too easy, as we are speaking about solid papers, but having a significant level of preparation will save your time and efforts. No matter whether you plan to buy research papers online or write them on your own, you should know what types of papers exist.

In the first case, you will be able to provide thorough instructions and details; in the second case, you will manage to write an impressive paper meeting the demands of your tutor. To start writing college research papers appropriately, one should understand the main paper types and aims. So let’s start.


Argumentative research papers include controversial points of view on one particular problem, so the writer is required to present relevant facts from both points of view. The peculiar feature of this type of paper is the author’s need to support one side more than the other.

Definition research papers are aimed to present a topic in a factual manner without any personal opinions and emotional background. There is no need to make a topic analysis and support your arguments with citations from various sources. Definition papers can serve as a writer’s advantageous base for more solid papers in the future. Even if you are going to buy research papers online, your definition may be developed to the needed extent within a short amount of time.

Analytical research papers are written with the use of various sources and aim to make analysis of different points of view on the same issue.

Compare and contrast college research papers are popular in literature assignments, to define differences and similarities between writers, their styles and various books within one or several genres. Sociology and philosophy papers are not the exception with their comparison of various viewpoints.

Cause and effect papers aim to present logical conclusions by means of a range of described policies and actions.

Interpretive papers require students to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge or practice accomplishing literature, psychology, social sciences and other types of assignments.

Reports are similar to case studies – they outline particular situations and their analyses. They traditionally start with a brief summary, expression of the primary problem and advice on how to solve it.


No matter how easy it may sound to analyze or argue concerning a concrete topic of your college research papers, it can take weeks and months to accomlish really significant pieces of writing to impress the tutor. You will be limited with a strict deadline for sure. At first you will put away the paper for later, then you will forget about it, then you will meet your tutor at the college and he/she will ask how are you doing with your paper… And awkward silence… And you rush home to start working on the project! Why, why does this always happen with you?!