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Dispelling myths about writing a research paper

Dispelling myths about writing a research paper

1. Once getting started writing a research paper, everything goes easily and quickly.

There is no magical formula that tells you how to write a research paper after creating its introduction and thesis statement. One should be very organized and thoughtful, but what else? Dozens of actions should be accomplished, hundreds of points should be considered and thousands of requirements need to be followed. Even having a perfect plan for accomplishing this type of paper can be insufficient.

2. Choosing a topic for a research paper is an exciting activity.

As soon as you receive an assignment to write a research paper, start looking for a relevant topic. Sounds easy, but it should be:

  • Neither too broad nor too narrow.
  • Neither too simple nor too complicated.
  • Neither wide-spread nor little researched.
  • Neither boring for you nor too simple and entertaining.

Does it still seem easy for you just to come up with the topic? Keep in mind that you should develop it in 10 and more pages, so you should be extremely careful with your topic.

3. A research paper thesis statement doesn't need the instructor's confirmation and can be easily written based on the paper topic.

In the process of writing a research paper, one should define its purpose – What I am going to prove and analyse? The answer will give you evidence on how to continue your research and what points to pay attention to.

4. Carrying out the research and then writing an outline.

Write down every important idea for the further writing of your research paper. Knock out an exemplary outline in the process of looking for reliable sources. By avoiding the step of writing an outline, one can be at risk of writing a poor and irrational paper. You will spend less than an hour and will favor greatly the logical flow of ideas. Like everything else in life, you can’t accomplish the work appropriately without advanced planning.

5. Writing the main and the only paper draft.

How to write a research paper from the first try? Anyhow! It is impossible to create something impressive, logical and relevant at once. A sufficient amount of time should be devoted to proofreading, editing and revising. One should be sure in paper coherence and ordered flow of ideas. Do not forget to cite sources and format them in a proper manner.

NB. In the process of writing a research paper, you may notice that the thesis statement does not work for the entire paper. Develop a new one to suit the paper idea and its purpose. Sometimes research papers are read by tutors based on thesis statements only. So, act cleverly and make unforgettable impression at once. Do not open your research paper for a couple of days (of course, if you deadline allows) to check it once more with a fresh look and critical mind.

We hope our handout will help you to cope with the problem of how to write a research paper in the best possible manner.

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