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How to write research paper that stands out

How to write research paper that stands out

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Wonder how to write research papers that will impress your teacher? Here are some really useful pieces of advice. Most academic papers require you to present sound reasoning and provide evidence to support your arguments. In the process of planning and writing your research papers, you will have to respond to the assigned questions through research, reflection, observation, and analysis.

These are some general tips to consider:

  • Start early. Read and analyze the essay question as soon as you receive it. Write down your first ideas.
  • Take notes while reading, quote from the sources and paraphrase, start making connections between the writer’s observations and your own thoughts on the topic.
  • Brainstorm to generate ideas. Write down everything that comes to mind.
  • Develop a working thesis statement based on your brainstorming session.
  • Start planning your essay.
  • Allow a rough draft to be rough. Try to get your ideas down as fast as you can. Revise later.
  • If you experience writer’s block, do something mechanical, like compiling your reference list.

When writing your research papers, keep in mind the following academic stylistic conventions:

  • Use standardized English.
  • Write in third person unless otherwise directed.
  • Avoid slang and colloquial expressions.
  • Avoid gender bias and sexist language.
  • Avoid emotive language.
  • Be concise.
  • Use active rather than passive voice.

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