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Students often have difficulties in converting their thoughts and ideas into a clear research paper. The truth is, not many succeed in writing a great work without this or that kind of assistance. There are three possible ways to get a great research paper ready for submission:

  • entrust it to online essay writers;
  • submit the last version of the research paper to an online essay editor for revision;
  • write it on your own.

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Some other students consider the process of creating an academic paper to be quite useful as it helps develop critical thinking and writing skills that can be applied further on in their professional careers. Still, coming through all the agonies and ecstasies of producing an academic work, they address a professional online editor to get back enhanced papers.

A few dear to produce an essay or any other kind of a research work on their own coming through all the stages of writing process: brainstorming the topic idea, doing research, creating an outline, drafting, revising, and editing. At each stage, a student faces a great deal of problems he or she must tackle. If you choose this way, at the end you will still not be confident that the final version of the essay is written well enough to ensure you a good grade.


Once you have finished writing your essay, you begin thinking about whether you need editing or proofreading to improve the quality of the paper. Or, maybe, these two terms share the same meaning? Editing and proofreading are often confused by students and used interchangeably. In fact, there is a great difference between the two.

Editing ensures

  •  a thorough  examination of every sentence;
  •  enhancement of the style, flow, and overall quality of the research paper;
  •  improvement of the consistency throughout the document;
  •  the eloquence of composition;
  •  standardization of terminology;
  •  proper formatting of the whole paper;
  •  smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs.

Proofreading ensures

  •  correction of small mistakes, like misspellings, grammar errors, and typos.

Some students believe that they just need proofreading of a research paper using some computer programs to finalize it before submission. However, judging from our experience proofreading is not enough in case you want to have a brilliant essay that will help reach the goals you pursue: to achieve high academic performance, get a grant, enter a higher educational establishment, or get a job of your dream. If you are not confident in your writing skills, it’s better to hire our essay editor who will thoroughly edit your document, as well as proofread it. The editor has a right to change words, delete sentences, and even whole paragraphs if they see that there is too much wordiness in the text. In the end, you will get a structured, formatted, clear and concise research paper without any mistakes.


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Once you’ve decided to take advantages of online essay editing services, consider how it all happens:
Step 1 / Place an order. Fill in the form on our website indicating the type of your research paper, a number of pages, and deadline.
Step 2 / Select your own online essay editor. We will select some editors who have expertise in your subject area. Review their backgrounds and specialties to choose the one that fits your needs the best.
Step 3 / Communicate with your editor. Once you know who is going to edit your paper, provide him or her with the details about your writing assignment, the message conveyed, and concerns.
Step 4 / Get a polished paper. The essay editor will examine your academic work carefully and make all the necessary improvements to enhance it. Then, he or she will send a polished paper to you.
Step 5 / Ask questions if any. Read the edited writing; if any questions, you are welcome to ask. The essay editor will clarify everything you would like to.


As soon as you finish writing the draft of your essay, it’s high time to start revising it. Follow the step-by-step recommendations below to organize the process of editing properly.

Put a research paper aside for some time. The most students complain that it’s quite difficult to edit or proofread an academic work that has been just finished. The matter is that the text is still too familiar, and one tends to overlook a lot of mistakes.

Get some distance from the text for a few hours, days, or even a week, if you have that much time, of course. Jog in the park, go to a swimming pool, meet with a friend, or take a short trip somewhere. It will help you to look at what you have written with fresh eyes.

Read your paper aloud. Once you’ve come back to your essay or any other academic work, read it aloud. Why is it needed? Working hard over each sentence, you may sometimes lose the whole picture of the writing. When you read aloud, you can catch some problematic places in the essay that your eyes might skip over.

“As you read your essay, remember “The Princess and the Pea,” the story of a princess so sensitive she was bothered by a single pea buried beneath the pile of mattresses she lay upon. As an editor, you want to be like the princess—highly alert to anything that seems slightly odd or “off” in your prose. So if something strikes you as problematic, don’t gloss over it. Investigate to uncover the nature of the problem. Chances are, if something bothers you a little, it will bother your readers a lot.

Kim Cooper, for the Writing Center at Harvard Universit”

 Choose the right words. Think of every word or word combination carefully, keeping in mind the concept of le mot juste.

“Always try to find the perfect words, the most precise and specific language, to say what you mean. Without using concrete, clear language, you can’t convey to your readers exactly what you think about a subject; you can only speak in generalities, and everyone has already heard those: “The evils of society are a drain on our resources.” Sentences like this could mean so many things that they end up meaning nothing at all to your readers—or meaning something very different from what you intended. Be specific: What evils? Which societies? What resources? Your readers are reading your words to see what you think, what you have to say.”

Kim Cooper, for the Writing Center at Harvard University

Don’t use too elevated language. It’s another important recommendation by Kim Cooper, a specialist of the Writing Center at Harvard University.

“Sometimes, in an effort to sound more reliable or authoritative, or more sophisticated, we puff up our prose with this sort of language. Usually we only end up sounding like we’re trying to sound smart—which is a sure sign to our readers that we’re not. If you find yourself inserting words or phrases because you think they’ll sound impressive, reconsider. If your ideas are good, you don’t need to strain for impressive language; if they’re not, that language won’t help anyway.”

Delete the brightest sentences if they are inappropriate. In the following passage, Kim Cooper expresses precisely why it is important to remove from the text the sentences that don’t fit it, even if they are the most impressive ones.

“As you revise, you may find that sentences you needed in earlier drafts no longer belong—and these may be the sentences you’re most fond of. We’re all guilty of trying to sneak in our favorite sentences where they don’t belong, because we can’t bear to cut them. But great writers are ruthless and will throw out brilliant lines if they’re no longer relevant or necessary. They know that readers will be less struck by the brilliance than by the inappropriateness of those sentences and they let them go.”

All in all, in most cases, students don’t have time to wait, being in a hurry not to miss a deadline. For this reason, it’s better to hire a professional online essay editor who will examine your research paper from different perspectives with his or her eyes fresh and mind clear. Still any doubts and fears? Put them aside and place an order for editing you research paper today! Our essay writing service experts will polish it to perfection.