Aiming to get the qualification of nursing specialist practitioner and join the nursing community? Great! As far as your motivation is building up a career in caring community service, the educational course you choose is likely to be viewed as challenging, stimulating and relevant!

You will be taking care of people who are disabled or suffering poor health (physical or mental), or are at risk or in distress. Learning theory and practice of community health care and social work in addition to relevant experience and voluntary work will help you! Sounds like you will get two for the price of one: thus obtaining theory and practice in one blow! Such an active e field is human-oriented and it maintains true care and a friendly approach toward patients. What is more – it also provides opportunities for academic and professional growth! Reflective, research-based practice, which aims to make a positive contribution to the health of local communities – that’s what nursing is about! And you are a part of it!

Working with people presupposes challenges, therefore – get ready! The most beneficial trait of the Nursing specialty is that it will develop your skills and knowledge of the secret of how to reach and maintain and improve the health of individuals. Physical and mental wellness will become your cup of tea!

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