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What are the main types of essays?

What are the main types of essays?

Among a wide choice of types of essays, one can choose those that support their ideas in the best possible way and that will make arguments significant. Essay writing is a means to persuading readers in your point of view and proving to your instructor that you have enough understanding of a particular material.

Types of essay & student samples

Depending on the paper's aim, essays can be divided into the following types:


Writers should present a solid argument to prove their points of view toward the topic. Such essays are important for students of all academic levels to practice arguing on any concern. Argumentative essays are usually accompanied with the use of undeniable arguments, solid facts and proficient language. Essay writing help may be needed only in case you cannot find essential arguments to dismiss the opposing idea.


Are the second popular among all types of essays. The main accent is put to differences and similarities between two objects, events, persons, etc. These can be completed by comparison of these issues in turn, or speaking in particular according to their separate categories.


Are a type of paper requiring groundbreaking research of a particular paper subject. It is required to evaluate the chosen issue and make thought-provoking conclusions. Research practice helps students to come to their conclusions based on available ideas and facts. There are no right and wrong ideas – just personal viewpoints and skills of proving them.


Are a personal kind of essay aiming to demonstrate a writer's ideas, thoughts and even feelings within his or her sphere of interest. The most distinctive feature of a reflective essay is stating the main point explaining the paper’s significance.


Do not require any additional essay writing help. Such types papers aim to separate a list of issues or ideas into categories and analyze them.


Are special types of essays that can combine features of various papers. The only requirement is their connection with literary works. Students are required to demonstrate their understanding of a particular piece of writing and provide an analysis. The more narrow and detailed issues you choose, the better final result you will get. The main issues one should pay attention to are symbols, motifs and pathos.


This type of paper should define something – theory, concept, idea or even a word by adding a personal understanding of the issue. Writing this type of paper requires minimum research, as the writer is presupposed to knowing the subject well.


Aim to make judgments about events, ideas, people, etc., according to the criteria you've developed.

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