Are you a college student who is looking for the clear instructions on how to compose a great communication essay, that will win its readers’ hearts and minds? Even if you have some other reasons why you are searching for the guidelines on writing this kind of academic paper, go on reading the article to gain the appropriate knowledge needed to create an impressive piece of work.


Communication studies is an academic field that covers a great variety of issues related to information exchange between two or more people. It spans a lot of other disciplines, like linguistics, rhetoric, semiotics, media studies, literary theory, sociology, hermeneutics and psychology to understand the complexity of communication.

The following passage from the website of Colorado State University explains very well the scope of this discipline and shows its importance for personality development and community prosperity:

“Communication Studies focuses on how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The study of communication leads to personal development, career success, and responsible citizenship.”

Communication is a difficult process as far as a sender should convey his or her thoughts and feelings in simple word so that a receiver will be able to interpret them easily to get the clear message.

Writing and reading, as well as speaking and listening, are the means of information exchange. For this reason while you are working on any academic paper, try to use simple language for message encoding to transfer the ideas and thoughts to a reader effectively.


The success of your essay depends on a lot of things. Read on the recommendations on how to make your academic paper an outstanding one.

Before starting to write an essay, do the following things:

  • think of a topic to write about;
  • do research;
  • make a plan.

Professor may assign you a specific topic to write about. If not, then, choose the one you are interested in to produce an impressive and convincing essay on communication. Do extensive research on the subject to provide the best possible evidence to support your claims. After that, think of an outline, without going into any details, to organize the random thoughts and ideas.

In order to produce a great piece of writing, your essay should, as well, consist of:

  • an introduction;
  • body;
  • conclusion.

Let’s take a closer look at each part of the composition separately.


Your primary task here is to draw the readers’ attention to the content of a paper. Begin an essay with a well-known quotation, stunning statistics, an anecdote or a funny real life story. Keep in mind that they all must be related to the topic of a paper.

The next point to remember is that an introductory paragraph must be well-defined with the clear thesis statement and supportive points, that will be developed further in the body, each one in a separate paragraph. Make sure that thesis statement reflects the topic of an essay accurately.


As it was stated above, the number of the paragraphs in the body of a paper has to be equal to the number of the points defined to support the thesis statement.

Try to make the message of the writing clear to the readers using simple and easy to comprehend language so that they will face no problems in understanding the message.

Remember that every paragraph has its own structure. Express the main idea of a passage in the first sentence, and then provide explanations and examples. If there is more than one idea presented, a reader may become confused and not be able to grasp the meaning of the whole paragraph.

Smooth transactions contribute a lot to the general look of your paper. Thus, to make your piece of writing coherent, use the special words and phrases to connect the sentences and paragraphs together, like firstly, secondly, on one hand, on the other hand, for example, on the whole, furthermore, in addition, as a result, finally, and so on.


A conclusion is the last paragraph of your essay, and, as well, the last chance to impress the readers and persuade them to take your point of view. Summarize the main idea and think over the strong sentence to make a final chord.

Remember that every educational establishment may have its specific requirements as to the length of the paper, structure, formatting rules, a reference page and so on. Contact your professor to find out this important information.

Consider the following topics for writing a memorable academic paper related to communication:

  • How to improve the efficiency of interpersonal communication?
  • Peculiarities of Internet communication with representatives of different cultures.
  • The philosophy of mass communication.
  • The interconnection between the national mentality and corporate culture.
  • Verbal intercultural communication: the manifestation of cultural differences in language and mentality.
  • My experience of intercultural communication.
  • What role do social networks play in business development?
  • Effective interpersonal communication between employees contributes to company’s success.
  • The benefits of effective communication with clients.
  • Nonverbal communication and its importance for business communication/
  • Peculiarities of business communication.
  • Can a person become a leader without good communication skills?
  • Non-verbal communication in different cultures.
  • Conflicts between employees, and how to improve communication at the workplace.
  • Do social networks play a positive or negative role in interpersonal communication?
  • Is it important to develop good communication skills in the age of technology?
  • What are the reasons for miscommunication?
  • The role of Internet in business communication.
  • How can I improve my interpersonal communication skills?
  • Types of communication barriers and ways to overcome them.

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