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If you feel quite confident about your academic paper writing abilities and just want to acquire some knowledge about peculiarities of the expository essay writing, then you are welcomed to go on reading the information below. In case you have difficulties in picking a topic for a research paper, choose the one from the list that we have prepared and listed at the end of the article.


Writing essays is extremely important, as it helps students develop their critical thinking and research skills. They learn how to formulate thoughts, structure information, use the main categories of analysis to establish the cause-effect relationships, support arguments, illustrate the ideas with appropriate examples, and write correctly. All these skills are needed to prepare students for producing more difficult research works, like term papers and thesis.

Expository (informative) essays are the ones that are most frequently assigned at high school, college, or university all year round. While creating this kind of academic paper, the primary goal is to provide some information or explanations concerning a specific topic logically and straightforwardly without expressing any opinions or emotions about the subject. It doesn’t mean that a writer is not allowed to express his or her point of view at all, of course not. We just emphasize that this type of essay must be focused on facts rather than opinions and feelings.


Expository essays may be different depending on which writing pattern a student will choose to frame the information relevant to the topic. The following patterns are frequently used to produce an informative essay: Descriptive. The aim of this writing is to describe an object, person, event, or place providing as many details as possible to enable a reader to visualize clearly of what is being described. Sequential. The purpose of the sequential writing is to show in which order events happen, using words like first, second, next after this, then, and finally. Compare / Contrast. While applying this pattern, the task of a writer is to compare and contrast two or more things, people, or places, in order to find out and explain to the readers the similarities and differences between them. The following words can be used to provide the smooth transitions within the text: in contrast, on the contrary, however, nevertheless, even so, notwithstanding, on the other hand, and some others. Cause / Effect. In the essay with this writing pattern, a student must explain the causes (reasons) and effects (results) of a specific situation or event. The following linking words must be used: consequently, as a result, so, because, as a consequence, since, the reason why, and so on. Problem / Solution. The writer states the problem in an essay and explains how it can be solved.


Creating a great academic paper means that you know what to write about and how to organize the obtained data into a well-structured research work. We have already stated above that an essay written in expository format must be, first of all, fact-driven as it aims at informing an audience of something, not expressing the opinion. Now you are welcomed to get acquainted with some useful tips on essay writing process.

  • Start immediately. Once the writing assignment was given, don’t postpone doing it. Proper time management is the crucial factor that will contribute greatly to the success of your research paper.
  • Think of a captivating topic. You can write almost about anything in the essay of the expository format. Any issue that will be highlighted in the paper must be fascinating to draw readers’ attention and keep them interested throughout the whole piece of work.
  • Do profound research. Students can not only rely on their personal experience and gained knowledge if they want to create a good quality work. Informative essays require a lot of subject studies to provide the best possible facts and data to support the topic.
  • Decide on writing pattern. Think over the topic carefully, trying to understand which writing pattern will help you develop the ideas in the most appealing way.
  • Develop an outline. Once you have done research, write the main ideas or facts without going into any details. Further, expound every idea, providing the sound reasoning and relevant examples. Why is it so important to have an outline? The reason is that it helps a writer to get focused and stick firmly to the topic throughout the process of the essay development.
  • Write a 5-paragraph essay. This length is the most common one from high school onwards. Begin writing! The first paragraph is an introductory one in which the topic of the paper must be presented in the most favorable manner. Provide a great thesis statement briefly summing up the whole content of the academic paper. Develop the three main ideas or specific facts each one in a separate paragraph. Wrap up a research paper in the last or concluding paragraph. It must be strong enough to encourage a reader to think further about the topic.
  • Use appropriate language. Adhere strictly to the academic writing style. Avoid slang or offensive language, as they are not acceptable for research works. Use different linking words to connect the ideas tightly and ensure that the paragraphs flow smoothly in and out of each other.
  • Format the paper accordingly. Find out the formatting requirements that your professor or education establishment demands to follow. Do it prior to writing an essay, so that you will be able to apply them while working on the academic paper.


A lot of students find it quite challenging to pick a topic for an essay in case a professor doesn’t provide one. They waste much time trying to find out what to write about. In order to make your life easier, we have compiled a list of great informative essay topics. It will take you several minutes to look through the list and choose the one that will arouse your interest.

  • Explain how the Internet affects the way people communicate.
  • Everyday habits that lead to healthier life.
  • Does education influence our quality of life?
  • What is global warming, and how does it affect the life on Earth?
  • The harmful effects of modern farming practices.
  • Doing sport is a part of healthy lifestyle.
  • What makes a good leader?
  • Positive people have similar lifestyle habits.
  • The most effective and easy to apply time management techniques.
  • What is procrastination, and how to cure it?
  • Diabetes and obesity appear in the result of the improper style of living.
  • Proper time management is essential to achieve academic success.
  • The most amazing facts about black holes.
  • Effects of the ozone layer depletion.
  • The cumulative effect of human activities on the global environment.
  • Causes, symptoms and treatment of anorexia nervosa.
  • What are the benefits of volunteering?
  • The long-term effects of drug usage.
  • Three most influential women in the world’s history.
  • Medical negligence and its consequences.

Informative essays are the most popular ones at college, and they can be nearly about anything that interests you. Don’t take the topics above for granted, as they are only meant to inspire you and help generate ideas for future papers.

Good expository research topics are those that are narrow, fresh, up-to-date, and informative. As far as producing any academic paper requires a lot of skills, knowledge, and scholarly research of a subject, it’s desirable to choose the topic within your major or scope of interests. In this case, being enthusiastic about the issue of the study, it is more likely that you will produce a really profound informative essay.

All in all, remember that expository essays are informative in their nature, so your point of view is not welcomed. If there is a lot of facts that can be highlighted, choose the ones that are the most fascinating and will, without a doubt, hook the readers.

Remember that conducting research and writing a paper takes quite a long period of time, thus, don’t procrastinate and start not only thinking over but doing the assignment right away. In case you face some difficulties, you’ll have enough time to find a customized writing service that will help you complete an academic paper within time limits determined by your professor.